Owner, Gina Marie

About Me...

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Gina Marie hopes to bring you fun, fashionable, unique, trendy,
flattering clothing with a modern vintage feel that is timeless. We love to
find those unique styles and offer them to you at a great price.

A wife and mother,  I credit my success to the values instilled in me during childhood. I developed a hard work ethic driven by love from my parents. With these morals and values, I quit my full time nursing career after 18 years and have been able to pursue my dream. Bringing fun fashion to amazing women of all sizes.

I have always been passionate and loved FASHION, and have always had a keen sense of fashion and style since I was a little girl. I love the smile it brings to ones face feeling beautiful.


With my knowledge, experience and insight on fashion, I believe I can help other women feel confident and beautiful.

Gina Marie's Brown Street Boutique provides high quality and unique fashion to women everywhere. Every woman deserves to feel uniquely beautiful and confident in her own skin, I am a firm believer that the importance of fashion is to reflect ones personality.

"Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them".

I absolutely LOVE what I do and I am truly grateful for all of my customers that made Brown Street Boutique what it is today! 

I opened my storefront in 2017 located at 26A North Brown Street. Come See ME!!

xoxo, Gina Marie